Should I File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is about starting over. It is about ending the debt collector calls and putting the credit burden behind you. I have prepared this site to help you get sufficient information to me so I may properly advise you concerning bankruptcy issues and if it is right for you. If consumer/credit card debt has you buried, if creditors are calling at all hours, if you have been threatened with lawsuits and other collection activities, if the IRS is making demands on you which you feel is impossible to meet, you will find comprehensive information in this bankruptcy site to help you.

This site is about credit management, debt relief, and bankruptcy. It is not a billboard. I am here to help consumers and businesses alike with credit, debt, Chapter 7 Straight Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Reorganization of a businesss, Chapter 12 Adjustment of Debts of a Family Farmer or Rancher, and Chapter 13 Wage Earner Bankruptcy.

Feel no shame, do not feel guilty - credit card companies are making billions off of 21%+ credit cards. Americans are taught from early on to want and consume goods and services. Then life events get turned around. Bad times come. Loss of job, business, or spouse can cause you to lose financial control. This is not your fault.


I Can Help Stop: Creditor Harassment, Foreclosure, Repossession, IRS Collections, Lawsuits And More.. To "Get Started" Now, click here to provide the information that will make your relief possible. This web site is available at all times to collect your information so that I can help you.

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