Services for Creditors of Chapter 13 Debtors

As a secured or unsecured creditor, you do have rights in bankruptcy court. I can assist you in the following ways:

a. If you have an unsecured claim, file a proof of claim establishing in detail the debtor’s obligation.

b. If you have a secured claim, file a properly documented secured proof of claim and determine the Debtor’s proposed treatment under the Debtor’s Chapter 13 Plan and file any appropriate objections to valuation or repayment under the plan.

c. Determine if the Debtor is an entity that may be a Debtor under Chapter 9 of the Code, and file an objection to the Chapter 13 filing if the acts and conduct of the Debtor justify this type of objection.

d. Evaluate the debtor’s assets, liabilities and income to make sure that the debtor is making a good faith effort to pay what they are legally obligated to pay under the bankruptcy code.

Your financial position in the debtor's estate may be adversely affected by delay and inaction!

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