Services for Creditors of Chapter 11 Debtors

As a secured or unsecured creditor, you do have rights in bankruptcy court. I can assist you in the following ways:

a. File a motion for permission to foreclose on the collateral if you are a secured creditor, and file responses to other creditors' attempts to lift the automatic stay injunction regarding other properties of the estate.

b, Attend and represent your interest in the Meeting of Creditors, hear and evaluate the position and comments of the United States Trustee's Office, the comments of the chief operating officer of the Debtor and the attorney for the Debtor in order to better evaluate the viability of the Debtor's reorganization plan and the probability of recovery of your claims;

c. File a Request for Notice in order to receive copies of all pleadings and motions filed by any party in the case. This procedure allows a close monitoring of the Debtor if you intend on continuing business with the Debtor;

d. Review the Monthly Operating Reports which are required to be regularly filed by the Debtor in order for you to be informed of the ongoing operations of the Debtor. This will allow you to assess the ongoing viability of the Debtor's business activities;

e. Represent you in cash collateral hearings that could affect payment of your pre-filing and post-filing claims;

f. Represent your interests in the creditors' committee if a committee is functioning;

g. Evaluate and file appropriate responses to all Disclosure Statements and Plans of Reorganizations proposed by the Debtor or other creditors and

h. Advise you regarding your vote for or against a Plan of Reorganization;

i. Review and critique the fee applications filed by the professionals seeking to be paid out of the funds of the Debtor's estate.

Your financial position in the debtor's estate may be adversely affected by delay and inaction!

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